1. …also, visit Fiorella Gallery, run by batty doyenne of Italian fashion Fiorella Mancini. it’s insane. as the website might suggest. 

    Fiorella Gallery | Campo Santo Stefano, 2806


  2. Osteria la Zucca con Cucina

    just found an old note to myself reminding me to write about Osteria la Zucca con Cucina, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with lovely bright windows right on a beautiful, quiet little bit of canal. i admit: i never actually went in this place while in Venice but i did stand outside a few times watching people eating (which is ‘creepy’, apparently). it looked good. if you’re desperate to escape the traditional meat- and fish-heavy Venetian menu (as i was), give this pumpkin-themed spot a try. 

    Osteria la Zucca con Cucina, Calle del Tintor | Sestiere Santa Croce 1762


  3. I wrote about my time spent in Venice for the Huffington Post. Catch it here!



  4. THE END


    my time in beautiful Venice is at an end.

    I can’t express how valuable it’s been taking some time away from work and life and just having the space to ‘be’. I will write about this in more detail anon, but for now, here’s my edit: things you must eat, see and do if you visit Venezia soon.


     - Paradiso Perduto, Fondamenta Della Misericordia

     - Caffe Orientale, Rio Marin (vegetarian; !80 VARIETIES OF TEA!)


    - a pastry from Tonolo. It’s famous across Venice. If you go in carnival season, try the fritelle.

    - a hot slice from Pizza al Volo, Campo Santa Margherita (bottom)


    - Café Noir, San Pantalon

    - Osteria ai Pugni



    - Scala Contorini del Bovolo (as staircases go, pretty awesome.)

    - Sunset from a vaporetto from Burano (above)


    - Scuola Grande di San Rocco (Tintoretto Disneyland)

    - Venice’s newest and most impressive contemporary art gallery, Punta della Dogana 

    - Museo di Storia Naturale (for all my fellow science geeks. Seeing a dinosaur in Venice is special.)



    - Acqua alta in Piazza San Marco (above. get your wellies on - it’s beautiful)

    - Mass at Basilica di San Marco.

    Finally, a few tips.

    1. If you’re a total gallery whore and/or in Venice for longer than a week, I really recommend buying a Museum Pass. It costs 20€ and gets you in to 11 museums.


    3. Never laugh at a Venetian’s dog. Even if it’s wearing a doggy jumpsuit and a hat.

    Ciao for now,




  5. image


    Books for 1€! Nietzsche quotations! On a side street just off Rio Marin, where I went to see what all the fuss was about at one of Venice’s two vegetarian restaurants, Caffe Orientale.

    These things, preceded by a trip to the astounding Scuola Grande di San Rocco (you MUST make it part of your itinerary), made for a lovely afternoon. Caffe Orientale was ridiculously cute, with duck egg blue walls and large, bright windows with a view of the canal, which made a pleasant contrast to the often dingy interiors of Venetian eateries. Oh, and there were paintings of animals all over the walls. And free bookmarks. I died.

    I just went for the tea, and after wondering at the menu of over 80 teas (it brought a tear to my eye) I tried a Chinese yellow tea. It was glorious. The food menu was simple but looked great too - lentil curry, rosemary flatbreads and chickpea soups, and a selection of homemade scones and cakes. 

    I sat there for a good couple of hours reading and just soaking in the calm. I wish I’d found this place earlier - I would totally be here every day.


    Caffe Orientale is on Rio Marin, S. Croce 888.


  6. Foliage room, Palazzo Grimani. 


  7. carnival flotilla, seen through the living room window


  8. i love a good pig. here’s one i found on a Venetian wall. 


  9. Osteria ai Pugni. a hip little spot for a drink of an evening, and they have live music some nights. 


  10. birds, Giambattista Tiepolo, Ca’ Rezzonico